WAKE UP PRAYER – 5th April, 2021


It’s my year of EBENEZER;

Oh yes! me too, I will not fear what man SHALL do UNTO me because divine help and uncommon FAVOUR is my portion success is my unlimited realm, congratulations.

Resurrection power greetings to you all in this EASTER season.

The death, BURIAL and resurrection of Jesus will bring the reality of redemption to you. In this season, your case will be positively different in Jesus mighty name. The prophetic point for the month of April is,


The word repositioned simply means, ” the act of putting into a new position”. Our contact with the CROSS does not only change us but it puts us into dimensions. Read Colossians 2:14,” BLOTTING OUT THE HANDWRITING OF ORDINANCES THAT WAS AGAINST US, WHICH WAS CONTRARY TO US, AND TOOK IT OUT OF THE WAY, NAILING IT TO HIS CROSS”, the cross is the foundation of Christianity.

Paul Eneche said and I quote, “CHRISTIANITY IS THE ONLY RELIGION THE FOUNDER IS NOT IN THE GRAVE”. And I believe him, Jesus was dead but is alive and lives forever,

Revelation 1:18, “I AM HE THAT LIVETH, AND WAS DEAD; AND, BEHOLD, I AM ALIVE FOR EVERMORE, AMEN; AND HAVE THE KEYS OF HELL AND OF DEATH. The Cross is the central message of Christianity. The value of Christianity is in the reality of Calvary.

A cross-less Christianity is impactless, valueless and useless Christianity. The sacrifice on the Cross, as well as the resurrection of the Lord, is the distinguishing quality of Christianity. Christianity is the only religion that the Founder died to save the faithfulls, for instance……

He died the death that we should have died so that we can live the life that He lives* He took our place in death so that we can take His place in life.*

He took our place in curses that we will enjoy the BLESSINGS of His ancestors ( ABRAHAM) read Gala. 3:13-14.

Yesterday we celebrated his resurrection. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?1). He is Alive. Rev. 1:18; Matt. 22:32; Eccl. 9:4 “He is a God that is alive not a dead god”

He is the God of vibrant and lively people, shout fire!!.* He is alive means that there is hope for you in the land of the living; you are not living a hopeless or helpless life (Eccl, 9: 4,.

Shout it, there is hope for me, because My saviour Jesus Christ is alive. In tonight wake up prayer, every hopeless situation, in your life, ministry, marriage, business and career, will turn to a hopeful situation, in the name of Jesus Christ. Rise 12midnight gather your family members, take advantage of the Easter holiday, sing super praise and worship and pray thus..

(1) Father in the name of Jesus, I thank you for the privilege to partake in this year Easter celebration.

(2) Father, I thank you for the resurrection power.

(3) Father by your power, cause the Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead to give life to all that are dead in my life. ( Rom 8: 11).

(4) Power that roll away the stone from the tomb of Jesus, what are you waiting for , roll away every satanic blockade on my way, both SPIRITUALLY, physically and otherwise.

(5) Father in the and name of Jesus, you are God of Impossibilities, problems you cannot solve never existed , Lord as you gave life to the decayed body of Lazarus, cause this situation ( Mention) to receive life now.

(6) Father, in the name of Jesus, every power sponsoring hopelessness in my situation, by the fire of God, be roasted.

(7) Father in the name of Jesus, I command everything dead in my life to receive life. Whether my finance, business, marriage and career, RECEIVE life now.

(8) (Shout this one), you spirit of death of any kind, and power of fear, in the name of Jesus, catch fire and die. So shall it be.

I decree that this week, everything about you is receiving life now.

WHATSOEVER that belongs to you and it is inside the grave, as you shout amen, I command them to come out now.

You power of hopelessness, enter the red sea now.* I release grace for divine location, divine FAVOUR, and divine appointment.

Congratulations. God bless you Happy Easter to you all in wake up prayer family.

Note. Very soon, wake up prayer will be on live stream, and zoom, from the hour of 12 to 1 midnight,. Begin to get ready.

Congratulations. I am Pastor T. Jesse

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